by Algernon Hall

The Process

Have you ever been in pursuit of a goal, and got stopped dead in your tracks?

You had the perfect game plan.

You were focused and working your plan, and then life happened.

Your plan got turned upside down.

That person hurt you.

The deal fell through.

You didn’t get accepted to the program.

You started to question yourself.

Why me?

Why this setback?

Why is it taking so long?

We are looking for answers, unaware that there is a process for everything in this thing we call life.

We are in a microwavable society.

We want results, and we want them now. If it requires pain, or if it stretches us even a little bit, we give up.
Many of us fail to understand, that our setbacks are often opportunities to be setup, and placed in position to awaken our dreams.

Our process is a necessary prerequisite in life, and in our quest for success.

Processes are utilized pretty much in everything you can imagine.


Professional Sports, for example, embraces and utilizes the process all the time.

One common form of a process in sports is a ‘rebuilding process’.

Teams that were once champions, have traded players and loss players to free agency and retirement.
They fall from the top of the standings, to the bottom, and work a process with the goal returning championship status.

It happened with the LA Lakers as Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul Jabber, and James Worthy won multiple championships. “Showtime” became “No Time”, as the team was disassembled and struggled to win games.

The Lakers went through a tough rebuilding process before Shaq and Kobe came along, and the championship pedigree returned.

Let’s look at this theory and connect it to us.

Many of us have experienced hurts, failures, and even rejection. We let these experiences consume us, , and prevent us from focusing on our ideas, visions and dreams.

We can’t sleep.

We’re stressed out.

We’re depressed, and we avoid “Our Process”.

We can’t go around it or under it, we must go through it.

Addressing those issues, and working through the hang ups, will position us to move forward.

You can’t move forward if you aren’t whole, healthy and free from your hang ups.

Your rebuilding is essential to get started, or to restart that journey to awaken your dreams.


The building process is just as important to embrace.

There are people with extraordinary ideas, but often times aren’t ready to pursue them.

They may not have the knowledge base, resources or maturity to really do what’s necessary to cultivate that dream, and be successful.

Building for them may be researching, studying, getting a certification or perhaps improving their wellness.

Putting in your necessary work, positions and prepares you for your journey.

I encourage you to embrace and learn to enjoy your process.

Enjoy your growth and appreciate your success along the way.

Get right, so you can take flight.

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