by Algernon Hall

NO – Translated by a Believer

What does the word, “No” mean to you?

“NO”, to most of the world, translates to you’re not good enough.

You’re not worthy.

You’re not acceptable.

Many of us won’t even pursue our dreams, or go after what we want in life, because subconsciously we expect to be rejected.

No one enjoys being rejected.

Studies have shown that rejection has serious implications for an individual’s psychological state.

We hear the word “NO”, and we feel let down.

It affects our confidence, and erodes our self-esteem.

Many people allow “NO” to influence everything they do…but to a Believer, “NO” means something totally different.

“NO” means turn up, go harder, or even prove them wrong.

“NO”, to a Believer, means NO OPTION.

It’s not an option to give up, give in or turn back.

“NO” is a motivator to a person convicted to awaken their dreams.

I know you’re questioning this right?

Think about this….

We apply and get applications rejected for mortgages, schools and jobs all the time.

What do we do? We apply to another lender, another school and another job.

Your first answer may not be the “YES” you’re looking for, but you didn’t stop.

You reapplied, and found the “YES” you needed to accomplish that goal.

So why do we have a different process when it pertains to our ideas, visions and dreams?

A closed door does not mean, “NO” to a Believer.

A Believer never allows the “NO’s” of the world to become his “NO”.

The way that it translates to the Believer is, perhaps this isn’t the right opportunity.

This isn’t the right time.

I’m not surrounded by the right group of people.

A Believer of Christ, or a person that genuinely believes in their gifts, talents and abilities, commits to reaching their goals, and being successful in what they set out to accomplish.

They are committed to finding their “YES”.

Kurt Warner found his “YES” with the St. Louis Rams, and winning multiple Super Bowls. He spent years playing Semi Pro Football, and working as a cashier in a supermarket.

“NO” to Kurt meant NO OPTION.

Oprah Winfrey found her “YES”, when a television network in Baltimore fired her, and told her she didn’t physically fit the mold as a television personality. She went on to build a billion dollar empire with her OWN brand.

“NO” to Oprah meant NO OPTION.

There are countless examples of individuals that translated “NO” to a “ YES”.

They pushed, they struggled and they experienced disappointments, until they found their “YES”.
So where do you stand?

Find your “YES”.

Don’t give up on that idea, vision and dream.

It was given to you for a reason, and it’s behind a door that only you can open.

Giving up is not an option.

The only option is to move forward in pursuit of what you love, and what you’re passionate about.

Work on your translation of “NO”, and use it as a tool to awaken your dreams.

It’s time to Dream, Believe, and Make History.

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