by Algernon Hall

“Gratitude” – The Connector to More

What are you grateful for?

Perhaps you’re grateful for your family, friends, a relationship, or even an opportunity.

We all have things to be thankful for, whether we choose to acknowledge them or not.

Even so, out of habit, we automatically focus on what is going wrong, what we need, want, or don’t have.
The fact of the matter is most of the world is consumed with their goals, acquiring things, and reaching a certain status. Along the way we get frustrated and even depressed, on our journey to that desired state.

What if you could control and drive your energy in a positive way?

What if you could be motivated by a positive mindset every day?

Guess what?

It’s possible.

If you just took time out to reflect on your life, the good and the bad, you’re sure to find more good than bad.

There is much to be grateful for, and yet there is so much that we take for granted every day…the
simple things like having a job, food, shelter and clothing.

These are things that we remember our great grandparents emphasizing.

Gratitude is a connecter to more, and to that positive mindset.
I’m not suggesting that you should be grateful to consume more, but what I am saying is be grateful for where you’ve come from, and where you are today.

Appreciation or Gratitude puts you in the mindset of positive energy.

You’re not who you were last year.

You’ve overcome some things that you thought you wouldn’t.

You’ve grown immensely, and no matter what discomfort today may bring, you woke up. You are here, with the ability to overcome and move forward.

Gratitude is your connector to more blessings, and there is a way to stay in a place of gratitude.

Here are three steps that are sure to keep you in a place of gratitude.

Apply these daily, when you’re frustrated, feeling less than, or need to shake off negative energies.


Take a few moments out of every day, and just think about how blessed you are.

Come on, you know you’re blessed and have had some good things to happen in your life.

You know your story, and you have some significant wins in your life that you can build upon.

Your wins, successes, and victories will remind you that you can.

Reflect, and remind yourself of your power and your ability to win.

Perhaps you were very sick at one time, yet you are still here.

Maybe you were going through a difficult time in your life financially, but now you have a great income.

That Doctorate degree was tough, and you didn’t think you were going to make it, but you now are a Ph.D.

There is much to reflect on and be grateful for.

Reflection puts you in a positive space, a space of confidence, with a mindset to move forward.


Many sources suggest that writing gives you the power of perspective.

I find this to be true in my life.

Writing my thoughts, feelings and blessings down puts me it a positive mindset, because it’s in front of me. It allows me to reflect, adjust, and puts me in a positive and productive space.

Keep a journal of your wins and successes. Writing is also therapeutic and you’ll find that writing down what you are thankful for, allows you to have something to revisit and look at in difficult times.

Write on post its and place them on your mirror.

Write on your screen saver.

Write on the inside of a notepad.

Write anywhere that you can see, and remind yourself of what has gone right in your life.


Speaking out with gratitude is positive energy. What you put out into the universe, you are sure to get back.

This process will give you much appreciation for your now, and should excite you about where you’re going.

There is much to be grateful for.

Allow your gratitude to propel you and keep you in a mindset to focus and pursue your ideas, visions and dreams with conviction.

Gratitude is your connector to more.

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

Don’t allow the world to steal your joy and dictate your mood and/or energy.

You have control of that and it starts with gratitude.

Be grateful when things are going right, and be grateful when things are in total disarray.

Your gratitude will connect you to more.

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