by Algernon Hall

It All Starts with a DREAM

Do you believe in Dreams?

Not the Dream that you had with you falling from the sky and you woke up drenched in sweat just before hitting the ground.

We all have had those types of dreams right?

I’m talking about Dreams where you saw yourself in that boardroom, driving that luxury car, traveling abroad seeing the world and in that fulfilling relationship with a with the big house, the kids and the dog.That picture is one that you dreamt about and woke up with a smile on your face.

In fact, it was so good that you walk around thinking about it throughout the day.

That Dream that is now etched in your memory giving you the opportunity to go to it at any point and time.

It’s all starts with a Dream.

Think about this truth, everything you see, touch, taste, hear and have the ability to feel can from someone’s ideas, visions and / or dreams.

Before you jump to challenge or discredit me, I’m not talking about the trees, the birds chirping, the taste of an herb or the texture of a particular object.

I’m talking about the man made things.

The things that were made that we enjoy and make the world better.

The clothing we wear, those red bottoms, the down comforters that allow us to sleep so well, the dishes of recipes in some of our best restaurants around the world.

You with me?

Well, they all started as a Dream. A mental picture, desire, passion, goal or whatever you chose to categorize them as. These things have shaped our world.They are gifts to the world because those individuals never stopped dreaming, never gave up, they kept going until their dream became a reality.

It’s important to understand that it all starts with a Dream.

There are 3 techniques that are sure to keep you in the hunt to awaken your dreams, but more importantly put you in a place where you will be empowered to awaken them.


Don’t stop, Never Stop, no matter what. Going through adversity, a difficult process and failure are all part of the journey of a dreamer. Even with this truth the Dreamer never loses sight of there dreams.


You must believe In You, your abilities even when others can’t. Find a person that truly believes and you will find a person convicted to awaken their dreams at all costs. Believing causes you to move differently. Lastly, believing connects you to the last point of seeing it.


The old saying goes you got to see it to believe it. Use your lens and focus as if you have binoculars, a camera or like a telescope. Your ability to see yourself through your imagination allows you to align your actions with your thoughts or what you see. You must see yourself in that position, time and space to move confidently toward that Dream.

Young athletes do this all the time growing up playing. They imagine themselves hitting the game winning shot, winning the championship or MVP trophy.

They are fixated on that picture.

I’m not suggesting to start imaging you to picture yourself winning the championship, but what I’m doing is encouraging and challenging you to see that dream.

To know that you can never stop dreaming and that you must believe and see yourself in that state.

That gift, talent and ability needs it.

The world needs it.

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