by Algernon Hall


What does an imagination mean to you?

Is your imagination vast or is it barren?

Yes, your imagination is about occasionally blocking out the troubles of life, and transporting yourself to some place tropical.

Imagination is also about picturing yourself somewhere, and attaining a goal that you’ve set for yourself.

Les Brown says, “Our imaginations are shaped by what we see, hear and experience.”

Think about that for a second.

What positive and negative things have you seen in your lifetime?

Have you witnessed a friend going through a difficult time? You vowed that would never happen to you, and as a result you stayed away from it.

Maybe it was real estate deal that went south, or an unpleasant workplace experience.

What derogatory statements have you heard?

Has someone ever told you that you weren’t good enough, not smart enough, or that you would never make it?

Has their perception about you become yours?

What type of failure, hurt, or rejection has you afraid to take chance?

I can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve had, with individuals that don’t believe in themselves or their dreams.

I’m acquainted with a gentleman who is a partner at a law firm.  As I described my business to him,

He expressed his admiration for my passion and enthusiasm for what I do.  He said that he wished he

could step out and follow his dreams. I looked at him like he had seven heads.

You’ve acquired a law degree. You’re a partner at a firm. Surely you can pursue your dreams!

Even with his success, he lacked imagination.

An Imagination is limitless.

It should not have limitations, boundaries or safe zones.

Your imagination is what makes you powerful and infinite.

If you can’t see yourself being successful, you’ll never be successful.

If you can’t see yourself being happy, you’ll never be happy.

And if you can’t see yourself achieving your goals and / or dreams, you can forget about attaining them.

Our actions are our response to our thought process.

“So a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”.

“So a woman thinketh in her heart, so is she”.

You must see it to believe it, and your belief initiates the actions to achieve what you desire.

Many people are existing, and not living.

They are simply going through the motions,  doing what’s familiar to them.

They’re limited by what they’ve seen, heard and experienced. Therefore, they can’t see themselves stepping out to become an entrepreneur or to do what they love.

They feel like they’re too old, and going back to school to get an undergraduate degree is a waste of time.

They make excuses like not having the time, because deep down inside they don’t believe that they’re capable of making that dream a reality.

An imagination can cripple you, or prepare you to soar.

Even though I’ve seen a lot, heard a lot of negative things and experienced great disappointments, my imagination keeps me alive.

Our imaginations make us powerful.

Your imagination is the starting point to achieving your ideas, visions and dreams.

Formulate that picture, connect to it daily and go after it with all of your being.

Every successful person that we identify with in life, imagined themselves in that ideal place.

It’s our time.


By Algernon Hall

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