Meet Algernon Hall

Meet Algernon Hall

I am the founder and visionary of Jubilee Children’s Entertainment, LLC and the Dream Catchers program. I’m a graduate of West Side High School in Newark, NJ. I realized early on that education, positive surroundings and faith would serve as vehicles for success and would help me escape the daily dysfunction I was exposed to while growing up in East Orange and Newark, NJ. I earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Criminal Justice from New Jersey City University in 2001 and shortly thereafter, in 2004 acquired an MBA from Dowling College in Oakdale, NY. 

These educational experiences inspired me to launch character education and empowerment programs with Jubilee Children’s Entertainment, LLC and Dream Catchers. 

In 2008, I employed my talents and faith to create a children’s character “Jubilee”.  The character has grown to be the face of character education throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The programs have impacted over 250,000 children in various school districts, from grades pre-kindergarten through 5th

In 2010, I launched the Dream Catchers program, which provides empowerment and mentorship for students in grades 6– 12.

I’ve been featured in numerous periodicals, including South Jersey’s Burlington Times, Courier Post, Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Tribune.

In 2011, I was voted as one of South Jersey’s “Men of the Year” in South Jersey Magazine for my work in school districts and with the community at-large.

On New Year’s Day of 2016 I launched a weekly YouTube series called The Dream Series empowering viewers to awaken their dreams and reach their full potential.

I’ve been called the Dream Catcher, Dream Coach, but I consider myself a new wave motivator and educator with a foundational mission to inspire, develop and empower people to expand their imaginations to awaken their dreams.

My language, life style and work exemplifies my core belief that, “We are all meant to be extraordinary”. 

It’s our time!

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‘Cry, scream and if you need to crawl but whatever you don’t stop pursuing your dreams.’ – Algernon Hall