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Dream, Believe, Make History

I simply convey my passion for dreams in a practical way that inspires others to pursue their ideas, visions and dreams with excitement and vigor.

I facilitate talks with children, young adults and adults in dynamic workshops, assemblies, retreats, keynote engagements, professional development and sportsmanship empowerment sessions.

I assist others in discovering their gifts, talents and abilities while growing to be the best they can be.

Meet Algernon Z. Hall

I am the founder and visionary of Jubilee Children’s Entertainment, LLC and the Dream Catchers program. I’m a graduate of West Side High School in Newark, NJ. I realized early on that education, positive surroundings and faith would serve as vehicles for success and would help me escape the daily dysfunction I was exposed to while growing up in East Orange and Newark, NJ. I earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Criminal Justice from New Jersey City University in 2001 and shortly thereafter, in 2004 acquired an MBA from Dowling College in Oakdale, NY.

These educational experiences inspired me to launch character education and empowerment programs with Jubilee Children’s Entertainment, LLC and Dream Catchers.

“Just keep painting your own masterpiece, your best self, one that you love to look at every morning.”
– Algernon Hall


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